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R & S is a full-service plumbing and drain/sewer company. Drains running slowly or gurgling when you flush the toilet or are running water can be indicative of a bigger problem.  We can find the cause whether it be hair, a broken line under a concrete slab, or your main sewer line.  Depending on your insurance company and policy you may have coverage to have some of these items fixed.  Call for us now for more information at 248-932-5185. Click here for our main service areas.​

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Slow drains can be the result of food or hair build up, or can be a warning sign of a bigger issue.  At R & S we are ready for emergency calls, preventative action and more.  Call now or use our contact form to schedule service. 

Tired of having your main sewer line snaked and waiting for the worst to come?   We have state of the art camera equipment to diagnose and locate the exact location of issues in your plumbing system.  We can then asses your options to make the best choice for you moving forward.

Need a stack drain or sewer lines snaked? Call or use our contact us form to schedule service.  Sewage in your home, need more than a plumber?  Click below for a crew that can clean the mess up.

Need a new water heater?  Not sure what is best gas, electric, power vent, tankless?  Call for a free quote and evaluation.

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$85 Drain Unclog $125 with camera*

Act now! Book $85*drain cleaning.  $125*with camera inspection.  90% of our calls qualify for this price

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We offer free estimates and consultations for many drain and water back up issues.  Call now to discuss.

$100 Off Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Leaking?  Not  Getting Enough Hot Water? Save up to $100  on Water Heater Replacement 

All Rights reserved pricing and promotions subject to change without notice. *$85 Per Drain Line and $125 Snake and Camera for Basic Run Residential 65' . Call for more info. Offer is based on availability in select cites during normal business hours Mon-Fri.  Extra charges for above ground sewer -  detach reset toilet- remove water - moving of content or building materials - Emergency calls other exclusions may apply.  We are not affiliated with any insurance company but have assisted and done work for most major carriers. R & S Restores  is a separate corporate entity.